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Labour Day

The first of May… International Worker Day – also known as Labour Day or May Day to some of you out there. A day of celebration, which in Denmark has the attention of quite a lot of people – not least in Copenhagen. Here Fælledparken (a direct translation would be something along the lines of “village green”-park) is the center of events, and in search of a photographic opportunity I head out with my camera in hand to take a look around.

On the first of May 1890 the day was marked for the first time as an international day of demonstrations, where workers the world over paraded the streets with a common demand for an eight-hour working day. May 1st is still a day that is marked by international solidarity in the struggle for labour justice, and in Denmark the day is celebrated every year with political songs and speeches in all of the larger cities. In Copenhagen the celebrations has taken place in Fælledparken from the early beginning, where tens of thousands of people gather from far and near. Even though it’s still the most important day of celebration for the labour movement, the day has gradually lost some of its original political character, and the event is now by many considered an opportunity to gather with friends in merry company to celebrate the coming of spring. This year was no exception when Fælledparken received about 60,000 visitors.

It was a sunny day from the beginning and judging from the way many people came dressed for the occasion they were obviously looking forward to a day in the sun. The typical pictures you see from this event are often the kind you would describe with keywords like: beating spring sun, joy, relaxation, cold beers, red flags and political speakers. There is nothing odd in that though, since that’s the typical experience you’ll leave with. Many of the visitors this year came however to regret their chosen outfit in the late afternoon as a change of weather, with rain and cold winds, were on the agenda.

To me it meant an opportunity to see the festivities from a different perspective. So I went to Fælledparken when the heavy cloud cover appeared over the city, and I was then able to utilize the change of mood it brought to my pictures. Towards the end of the event, the experience of walking the park is definitely different from the one you’ll have if you get there early, before the many beers make an impact. I tried to put away my expectations in advance and just head out with a curious openness towards whatever would meet me. Me and my camera, and a party coming to an end.