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Postcard from Meknes

A quick post here from Morocco. I’m finding myself in Meknes these days. Not too far from Fes which I left three days ago, but nevertheless a place with a somewhat different spirit. Like they call it here in Meknes – the berber capital. I find it a bit more relaxed compared to Fes, which is partly due to the less amount of tourists here. The Medina in Meknes is also smaller which makes you able to get around and into the corners in less amount of time. Went out to explore the Medina early today. It’s the end of Ramadan and the shops are closed. People are celebrating forgiveness and the end of the fast, and many wear traditional attire.

Wanted to share with you one of my favorite pictures from today (the one above). These Medinas have a tendency to change their face with every corner you turn. The darkest alleyways can lead to beautiful surprises, and the best way to find these is to simply put your map away and see where the day might take you. Found one of these hidden secrets today – a small residential alley with some beautiful colors and architecture. As you can see from the picture it’s been a very sunny day with no clouds in the sky. This can surely make it difficult and sometimes even prevent you from making certain pictures you had in mind, but other times the strong sunlight can certainly also show you a subject from a different and very compelling way. Today the sun helped me in this particular place – to see details that wouldn’t otherwise had shown themselves. I was able to harness the strong shadows and use them to my advantage. I think it all came together quite nicely for me in this one.

That’s it for now. Think I will head back out there, and see what the evening will bring.