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World Championship in Copenhagen

Last week Copenhagen was the center of Road Cycling World Championship 2011. A major area including most of the inner city were closed off for traffic, meaning pretty much all vehicles with more than two wheels – to the enjoyment of everyday cyclists in Copenhagen, of which there are great many.

Sometimes I like to just get out there with my camera and try to be creative – a small bag with a lens or two. Maybe even giving myself a few constraints to work from which could be to focus on particular subjects I want to shoot, picking a certain lens I haven’t used for a while or perhaps choosing to shoot in a specific way. I find that constraints can be liberating in that they can keep your concentration and creative thoughts working on something specific, preventing them from wandering. Monday last week I decided to do just that. It had been some time since I had put my Lensbaby lens to use, so I thought it might be a good time to put it on my camera and head out for some relaxed shooting. Just to play and maybe learn something new.

Lensbaby is a system of lenses and optics that makes you able to create creative effects by combining them in different ways, to blur images or mimic very inexpensive pinhole cameras. In my bag I have the Lensbaby Composer which I often use together with the Double Glass Optic – one of their sharper optics. This is a lens with no electronics that will automatically slow down your photographic process, because it forces you to think about every step you take. There is no auto focus, so you need to be constantly aware of maintaining your focus. Apertures also need to be changed manually, by replacing small magnetic discs inside the lens, which forces you to consider your choice of aperture more carefully. The Lensbaby does in other words take you back to basics of photography which is a big part of the fun about this lens.

I went out to check out the Cycling World Championship in the streets of Copenhagen and keep my creative concentration focused on that. In terms of sports photography the Lensbaby is probably not the typical first choice, simply because of the less than ideal combination of fast moving cyclists and a prime lens with manual focus. But then again, I’m not a sports photographer :-)
To me, this was the challenge and part of the fun… To see how this would go down and what kind of photographs I could bring home from this event with my chosen outset.

Below you can see a selection of the photographs I was able to import from my memory card later that day. The last three pictures and the one on top were shot with my often used Canon 17-55mm lens. It’s definitely something else to suddenly make the change to an auto focus lens while shooting sports :-)  But it was good to get back to basics again for a while with the Lensbaby.



I can honestly say that this was the first time
I’ve seen a working camera man on a Segway.
I was wondering when we might see them
actually replace the camera motorcycles in road cycling.
Tour de France?  ;-)