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The last rays of summer

In Denmark the weather gods has much to say. The seasons change and the weather follows. The cold half-year of fall and winter with storms, snow and dark days, gathers families in the warmth of their homes. The warm half-year of spring and summer once again welcomes people into the green nature under the rays of the sun. The weather is always a good subject of conversation in Denmark, especially when it reaches into extremes.

With spring come the high hopes of a warm and sunny summer in Denmark, but the unpredictability of weather makes no guarantees. Rain will emerge across seasons, and in greater quantities it can easily ruin the mood of a season. The summer has ended in Denmark now, and in 2011 it has been among the rainiest. The rain cleared the beaches, extinguished grills and made the revenue of cinemas and museums soar upwards. The hopes of spring fizzled out.

In the name of unpredictability the weather gods did have a surprise up their sleeve – an Indian summer just around the bend. As a final call, September was rounded off with a week of roaring sunshine, and temperatures that are rarely felt at this time of year. A record was beaten when the hottest days of October in Denmark were measured with over 25 degrees Celsius. With fall and a half-year of winter approaching you can be certain that the Danes won’t hesitate to welcome a gift like that – the last rays of summer. On benches, in pavement cafés, along canals, on forest roads and in parks you find people on warm days like these. Not least in Copenhagen where people happily greets such an opportunity to get out and about to enjoy the surroundings. Amager Beach Park in Copenhagen is one of those places that draw people to it. Here I saw a photographic opportunity.

I picked a day in this last week of summer. A day to go to the Beach Park, and see how life acts out this close to October, on a record warm day the September 29th 2011. Below you can see the outcome of my project and a glimpse of the live that will soon diminish at the beach with the coming of fall.















2 responses to "The last rays of summer"

  1. Anja posted a comment on February 16, 2012 at 10:03 am Permalink

    Just discovered this post randomly, and I must say I immediately liked your idea to position yourself at that place to wait and see what happens. Great serial – my favourite is number 5 from the top (with the lady looking in your lens). I should probably search for a similar spot here and try myself! Cheers :-)

  2. Martin Aggerholm posted a comment on February 16, 2012 at 6:56 pm Permalink

    Thank you very much for your comment and the kind words Anja. I’m glad you find my project inspirational :-) I use this approach sometimes when I’m out photographing people. The right moment can make all the difference in a photograph and sometimes we just need to slow down and wait for it. Choosing a spot and staying there for a while will almost certainly give you the chance to capture some moments that you maybe wouldn’t get to see otherwise. Would love to see the result if you try it out. I’ll keep an eye on Twitter :-) Cheers