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Morocco gallery

Happy new year everybody! In this my first blog post of the year I’m happy to finally be able to present a new gallery on my website. As I announced here on the blog in December I had a new gallery on the way, with a selection of the best photographs from my journey to Morocco back in August. It’s finally ready and you can find it by clicking on “Portfolio” in the menu on top of this page. Hope that you will enjoy this selection of until now both published and unpublished photographs.

Below are a couple of photographs I have chosen to include in the gallery and with them a small story behind the photographs and how I created them.

A walk down the narrow streets of trade in Fez Medina offers encounters with many different kinds of people. Many are interested in showing you their commodities, and invite you to their small shops. On August 21st in the morning I ventured out to seek new experiences, and I didn’t get far before I met a man whose shop I visited a couple of days earlier. This morning he introduced me to a carpet salesman who had a large shop just nearby with several workers and carpets from floor to ceiling along the walls. The fact that I was there as a photographer was no secret. It turned out that the carpet salesman had a rooftop terrace above his shop which he insisted on me to see. He let me know, that I was more than welcome to go up there by myself and take a look, and so I did. I had no idea of what would await me up there, but I wasn’t going pass up on a potentially great opportunity to have a fantastic view over Fez Medina. I went up the narrow stairs and found that the most interesting view were in the eastern direction. After shooting a few test frames I found out that my wide angle lens weren’t giving me the results I was hoping for. I needed to isolate a specific area of the city within the frame and so I pulled my 70-200mm lens from my bag. I zoomed in and out a couple of times to get the right elements inside the frame, and the photograph above, with the mosque standing out with its characteristic green tiles, where my end result. I put my camera back into the bag and headed back towards the stairs which led down to the carpet shop. In the meantime more tourists had found their way to the shop, and the carpet sales were in full swing. I got a quick tour and an explanation of how the carpets were manufactured. They clearly had an interest in selling me a carpet but I kindly told them no thank you and went on out into the sun.


These guys were quite focused on the task before them when I came by. My aim on this day the 20th of August was to explore the eastern part of Fez Medina; an area with a relatively large amount of workshops and the craftsmanlike making of a great variety of products from slippers to utensils. Without knowing what to expect when turning the next corner, I ventured forth through the labyrinth of narrow streets constantly surrounded by the buzz of activities. Suddenly I hear the ringing sound of metal being tapped and I knew that I must be right nearby the area of silver and copper workshops. I followed the sound and quickly found myself in the little square where silver and copper craftsmen tap utensils into shape. After spending a moment observing my new surroundings, my attention was directed towards two men busy with something that most of all seemed like a tricky and time consuming task. The man in the white shirt seemed to have a general view of the work before them. I slowly approached them to get his attention. He looked up with a wonder-what-the tourist-want kind of look on his face. I pointed to my camera, gestured to him, and asked in a few English words and a questioning look if it was okay for me to take some photographs. He smiled and I could tell that he was okay with it. I already had my 17-55mm lens on my camera which gave me the necessary wide angle I needed to include the background in the photograph. In this way I was able to create a photograph about the two men and their work by connecting them to their surroundings.