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Tag Archives: Copenhagen

Hard rock and guitar duels

”Hard progressive 70’s heavy with an unreasonable amount of guitar solos” – that’s how Michael Denner describes the musical foundation of his new band Denner’s Trickbag, which was formed in 2012. And that was exactly what was in store during two intimate concerts on January 25th and 26th at a small venue in Copenhagen, Denmark, which was also the unofficial world premiere of the band. Among the 120 invited guests each evening you would find everything from curious people with a general interest in rock music to confirmed Denner-fans who has been following Michael Denner through his many years on the heavy metal stage, and bands such as Mercyful Fate and King Diamond.

Quick update and a word on post processing

I’ve had a whole lot to tend to lately and it has been a while since my last blog post. I’ll try to compensate for it with this blog post featuring a couple of photographs and a word on post processing.

As you may know I did some travelling in Morocco back in August where I succeeded in capturing a bunch of photographs depicting the life I experienced around me. I have some plans to use these photographs for different purposes. First and foremost I’m planning to create a new gallery on my website in which you can look forward to see a range of pictures which has not yet been published.

The last rays of summer

In Denmark the weather gods has much to say. The seasons change and the weather follows. The cold half-year of fall and winter with storms, snow and dark days, gathers families in the warmth of their homes. The warm half-year of spring and summer once again welcomes people…
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World Championship in Copenhagen

Last week Copenhagen was the center of Road Cycling World Championship 2011. A major area including most of the inner city were closed off for traffic, meaning pretty much all vehicles with more than two wheels – to the enjoyment of everyday cyclists in Copenhagen, of which there…
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In search for inspiration…

Copenhagen Photo Festival has officially reached an ending, but there is still more to be seen out there. I you’re interested in digging deeper into the world of photography then there is several exhibitions that will continue for a while at different places in Copenhagen. See the exhibition…
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Labour Day

The first of May… International Worker Day – also known as Labour Day or May Day to some of you out there. A day of celebration, which in Denmark has the attention of quite a lot of people – not least in Copenhagen. Here Fælledparken (a direct translation…
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