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Roskilde Festival 2012

Roskilde Festival – 8 days, 130.000 audiences and volunteers, 1 million liters of beer and 200 music artists from all over the world. An event a lot of people look forward to year after year. The unique camp life at Roskilde Festival is a central part of the grand Roskilde experience. Roskilde Festival is the party you can’t have in many other places. A place where people opens up and allows themselves to do things they would normally get arrested for on the street in a big city. The break from the daily routine that recharges your batteries and brings you closer to people you don’t know. Fellowship, party, colors and boundaries being pushed. Spontaneous dancing party under a random pavilion, to happy guys in sailor costume shooting their way through the camps with a soap bubbles gun, a person carrying a large speaker on the bag spreading rhythms on his way from one area to the other. People smile – it’s just Roskilde. For a moment you’re in another world.

Postcard from Meknes

A quick post here from Morocco. I’m finding myself in Meknes these days. Not too far from Fes which I left three days ago, but nevertheless a place with a somewhat different spirit. Like they call it here in Meknes – the berber capital. I find it a…
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Ahmed – A Fassi belt maker

Along the winding narrow streets, that make the inner navigator loose direction, the brown metal doors to the little street shops open one by one. A new day begins, and every day brings new experiences in Fes medina. The place is so alive and filled with energy, and…
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Out meeting Fes

What a colorful and spirited places Fes is. Been here for five whole days now, and it takes your breath away in more than one sense. The medina of Fes (the old medieval part of the city) was founded in the 9th century and it’s here that the…
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Utilizing colors

I’ve been doing a little thinking about colors lately, and what influence they actually have on the photographs we create. We all know that creating a great photograph takes a bit more than just clicking the shutter. One thing that has great importance is the ability to think…
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